Friday, July 9, 2021

In Pictures: William Holden


Here is our 72nd installment of this very successful feature to "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" This article is simply an enjoyment via beautiful pictures of our favorite golden age classic stars. Not a lot of writing at all or tid bits or extras just simply as it is stated, "in pictures!" Hope you enjoy the leading man William Holden

William Holden is a true living legend whom came into his career in the 1939's Studio System, in the true age of Golden Hollywood. From classics such as his Oscar Winning role in; Stalag 17. Other classics being; Sunset Boulevard, Sabrina, Network, Golden Boy, Our Town, I Wanted Wings, Blaze of Noon, Rachel and the Stranger, Picnic, Born Yesterday, Executive Suite, The Country Girl, Paris When It Sizzles, The Wild Bunch, and many more!

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